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Trading Profile

Active Trader & Investor

Independent Proprietary Trader with Over 9k Screen-Hours

Most Frequently Traded 



Irish Phone: 00353 877007500


Questions, Suggestions, Co-Operation Offers, Events Invitations etc. always welcome.


Trading Methodology

A game of 

[ Win % x RR x No. Trades ]

Not enough? :)

Simple setups tailored to environment

Precise execution

Clearly defined risk

  Constantly Adapting

Fundamental situational awareness

Mathematical advantage

Independent Observation

Applied Game & Auction Theories

Sure there's more..

Can you teach somebody a "system" to trade? 

Not really- probably? :) There sure is more to it..

I learned from some in my view the best..


"Code" Explained

All logical:

#GbpUsd- #gu, gbp, pound

#AudUsd = #au, aud

#AudJpy- #aj

#EurJpy- #ej

#EurUsd- #eu, euro


On streams full size no more than 1-1.2% risk,  half max 0.5-0.6% etc.

Action often broken down across few posts & platforms.