Sunday, 1 December 2013

$bcoin tulip fractal?

I recently posted this chart noticing some similarities between the two based on fractal work by @edmatts. I have been buying and selling bitcoins without leverage since early months of the year mentioned back in Our Trading Room days.

As mentioned in the room and on twitter-stream did take 40% off earlier on at around $250 highs to take the initial risk off. Bought some back at 50% retracement off first $900 highs at little below $500 and selling half of all exposure at under $1000 mainly based on those similarities.

No idea how far they will go and as much as I like the idea of de-centralized non-privately owned currency systems. I partly treat it as a trade so that's the logic behind it all. Leaving about 15% in just in case this time is different.

Looking into #Litecoin and #QuarkCoin and buying some at current rates just in case and for the record. FYI there are many more out there. Am curious which ones will survive. Loving ideas and models behind some of those new crypto-currencies.


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