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Retail Trader & Investor...and yes I don't think trading is investing...also a deep contrarian; BSc Finance & Minor in Economics; MSc Investment Analysics; MSc Investment Analysis

Hardly ever not in a trade. Very active trader with almost constant flow of information coming out of his stream. Solid & 


Forex Trader

Produces a unique stream with Charts, Entries & Views. Valuable follow for Technical insight.


Free FX-trades daily

Quality Trades, Charts, Posts

Active, Winning, Accurate & more. Top of the range trader to follow.

One of my tweets. 13/06 2012 "I watched >> @FXDirk << Entering Long EurUsd LiVe at 1.2445 at 3.20PM GMT. Best Entry I've seen all day" < Just track the entry down and you'll understand.



Independent trader, Chief Currency Strategist Wizetrade. Father & Husband who lives, eats and breathes the markets. My trades, my ideas, teufel-hunden devil dog

Blake Morrow- Twitter legend, host of a Trading show On WizeTradeTV every day at 7AM EST Link here > https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/962044337 <

Author of TheFXCafe Blog (Link Below)



jokes.. trades .. old dull razor sharp insight...

Trading Grandmaster using his own methodology to win consistently. Live twitter action like no other. 
Author of www.brasil61.com
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