It' not going to make you a better trader but if you're interested in History, Technology and Trading it's a position for you. History of traders, funds dealing exclusively and/or partially in computerized trading scene since 1980's up to current time. Will deepen your understanding of market structures and processes.


Best friend just got me a present. She knew it was on my watch-list for a while and it appeared at my desk today. Thank you J.

Almost an article. Tiny Booklet written by Sigmund Freud's nephew. Powerful & relevant read.


Third of series. Relevant profiles. The more you know know the more you'll learn. It has secured a place in my top 3 if not the no. 1 spot of all time favorite non-technical trading books. 500 pages- money well spent. Also a present. Thank you J, you're a star.



Improve your thinking & trading through work on your habits. Creating good ones and replacing bad ones.

Solid position on how to replace self-limiting habits with new behaviors that foster smart thinking.

The way your Memory works and how to maximize it.

Effective ways to present and process information

+ More

Thinking uses a lot of energy. That's why the mind is designed to think as little as possible.

The mind is a habit creating machine. Habits are created by consistent mapping and repetition. Habit change requires replacing bad habits with good ones

Habit- signature feature - an action you can perform automatically without having to think about it consciously.



Unique position. One of a kind  insights into minds of winning players. So far my favorite book on trading. Broadens understanding of every aspects of the game- fundamentals, technicals, psychology, people & all of the above combined. I will never be the same afterwards. Guaranteed to be a valuable position in your trading library.


Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis

Expand your macro-economic knowledge with this solid position. 

From Economic War Room Simulation to Complexity, Energy & Money.

Covering main battle gounds of Usd, Eur & Yuan on Pacific, Atlantic & other Global Fronts.

Views on Globalization, G20, Dubai as the New Casablanca, Moscow, Beijing & Correlated Collapse Scenario.

Misuse of Economics and it's divorce from Politics, Science, Philosophy & Law and it's transition onto hard sciences of Applied Maths & old-school Physics.

  Monetization, Keynesianism & Behavioral Economics. 

Interesting chapter on Complexity Theory, Energy & Money. 

EndGame- Paper, Gold or Chaos?

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The Memory Book: How to Remember Anything You Want

Improve your memory, IQ, creativity & imagination.

Innovative position by Tony Buzan.

Explains how memory works, core systems of memory training & more advanced  systems.

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